We love working for clients. But we occasionally have something we want to say ourselves. We do that through our Tilt23° Studios Originals. 

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We are a midwestern strategic film content and digital delivery firm that helps build thriving businesses, nonprofits and communities through thoughtful, targeted and cinematic storytelling. 


Sure, we could be content just being "creative" or making slick marketing videos. That's certainly what a lot of firms out there do. They focus on the latest technology. They get consumed with what projects would boost their reel. They become more concerned with making a name for themselves than making an impact. 


We don't blame them. We just aren't them.

Because, frankly, we're after something bigger. 

We're on a mission to craft and deliver the kind of nuanced, targeted, thoughtful, cinematic and deeply human storytelling our clients need to thrive. Because when they do the world does too. 


The Super Bowl was in Indy, "The Avengers" was released in theaters, and conspiracy theorists across the globe were sure the world was going to end. Meanwhile, Luke Renner and David Neidert were quietly forming The Story Shop (now Tilt23°) a partnership dedicated to their shared passion for storytelling and making the world a better place. They did end up working for the NFL Network for the Super Bowl that year and talked a lot about the Avengers but were more or less unconcerned with the end of the world. 

Photo: Screen capture from "What's the Buzz?" on the NFL Network, Super Bowl coverage.)


Earth, hurtling through the cosmos, is tilted on its axis. But not just at any angle, the perfect angle. It's a 23 degree tilt that makes it possible for humanity to thrive. A few more degrees in either direction and life as we know it wouldn't exist. 

Tilt23° serves as a metaphor for the targeted, nuanced, thoughtful and cinematic storytelling (content + digital) we deliver to help our clients thrive. Beyond that it embodies the very nature of who we are. We fundamentally believe, and serve clients that agree, that each of us has the responsibility to strive to make the world a place where all humans can thrive. Therefore we are committed to kindness, equality, justice and wellness.


This commitment follows us in all that we do. 

That starts with our team. The Tilt23° team cultivates a culture of respect, kindness, open-mindedness and understanding. We are a flexible workplace allowing team members to work when, where and in the ways that are best for them. We support all wellness especially mental health. 

This culture then allows us to bring our best selves to our work. Not only do we push for unparalleled craft, but we do not cut corners, we communicate and we have the highest standards of integrity in serving our clients. 

In the end, Tilt23° is more than a name. For us, it is a way of life.


Some of us love cats. We all love dogs. We're vegans and meat eaters, but we don't fight about it. We all enjoy sharing a meal together. We drink a lot of coffee and tea and beer. We like old school video games just as much as the new ones. We watch more movies than we care to admit. We prefer Instagram over Facebook and Twitter but probably spend too much time on all of them. About half of us remember and loved the 80s. All of us loved the 90s. We all agree that over is better than under. We laugh a lot. We watch the Super Bowl for the ads. Celebrating our differences is just as important as what we share in common.


Most of all, we give a damn about each other and our work. 

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