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Beyond the stereotypes

See how we're helping this emergency shelter overcome the perception of what it means to be homeless.

A lot of our work in cause storytelling boils down to a single thing: Stigma.

Stigma is an elusive problem tied so deeply to our cultural norms, personal beliefs, and upbringing. It's created by the wrong story - a story made up of a collection of smaller narratives accumulated over a lifetime.

The only way to unravel that mess? The right story.

We worked with The Christian Center this past year to help them begin to redefine what it looks like to struggle with homelessness and bring nuance and empathy back into the collective consciousness. This work will be used to educate the public and potential donors by adding human faces with real stories to the conversation.

Take a look:

(NOTE: The subjects here were paid for their contribution and story. We believe that these stories have value and people should be fairly compensated for their participation.)