Be the kind of grown up the kid version of you could look up to. We grew up to be part of the Tilt23 team. We think our kid selves would approve.

Luke Renner, Cofounder

A filmmaker with over 20 years of experience, Luke co-built the foundation of the Tilt23 approach to storytelling. He is now dedicated to our first feature documentary due out in 2020. 

David Neidert, Cofounder

A dedicated storyteller with 15 years of experience, David leads strategic and creative development as well as the Tilt23 Studios team. He is the primary writer & director. 

Sarah King,  Senior Producer

Sarah is one part creative and one part operational guru. She serves as a senior producer, leading all aspects of production beginning to end.

Chris Keaton, Assistant Director & Editor

While a talented DP and editor, Chris is not contained to just one area of a project. He lends his creative vision to all aspects of a project from pre production to post.

Hannah Lindgren, Producer/Editor

As the primary editor, Hannah is most often found in the edit bay crafting powerful narratives. However, her expertise is critical in the early discovery and ideation phases of every project.

Kyle Fisher, Cinematographer & Editor

Kyle is the primary cinematographer for all projects and helps define the Tilt23 visual aesthetic. He is also a talented editor, and supports many post production tasks. 

Phil Larson, Composer

A talented musician and composer, Phil's music is responsible for elevating many Tilt23 productions.

Jon Pianki, Digital Ad Consultant

Jon is a digital ad and social media expert, responsible for more than 1 million dollars in ad spending annually. He serves Tilt23 clients with strategic ad and content delivery.

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