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How To Deal With Interview Nerves

Dun dun dun. You just got an email from the marketing director and they told you you're gonna be in an interview. Dear in Headlight's moment, you're panicked. And I get it, because being in an interview can be intimidating. It can seem like this big tall task. And we experience that all the time. It's a very normal reaction. And people's fears are usually rooted in two things. One, that they feel like they're gonna be unprepared or they're not gonna know what to say. Two, that they feel like they're gonna mess up whatever they are gonna send. They're not gonna be able to actually perform in the moment. An interview is not a performance. An interview is a conversation. And the quality of the interview is on the interviewer, not you, the interviewee. So the interviewer should take care of you. They should help you feel comfortable. They should help you shine in your moment. And so we see people come with those fears. They've done two things. They've pre-written so many answers. They are like locked into whatever they're gonna say. And it's not a conversation anymore. It's a performance. And second of all, they're panicking about every little word. They miss an and or a but in the speech that they've memorized. Ultimately, that doesn't help. If you've been selected and somebody said, "You should show up and be on camera." It's because you know what you're talking about. It's either your professional experience, your personal experience, your expertise. You're gonna know. Let the editor do their job. Let the director do their job. They're gonna help find the moments, the good moments. They're gonna edit out all the little ums and ahs. And they're gonna clean it all up. That's our job. Our job is to take care of you. If you're getting interviewed for the brand video for your company, deep breath,

and realize that if your interviewer and your production company are good, they got your back. We're gonna take care of you.

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