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We're storytellers on a mission – committed to work that makes a difference. We're telling better stories so that our clients can build a better world.

Tell better stories

The name says it all. 

Earth, hurtling through the cosmos, is tilted on its axis. But not just at any angle, the perfect angle. It's this 23-degree tilt that makes it possible for humanity to thrive. A few more degrees in either direction and life as we know it wouldn't exist. 


Storytelling is just like this 23-degree tilt. Our ability to tell stories is fundamental to human prosperity. When we get them right, stories are THE key to helping us create community, culture, and purpose. "Tilt23" serves as a metaphor for the impact we want to have - on our clients and the world. We believe that if we tool exceptional brands and causes with the best storytelling you will thrive and when you thrive, we all do.  

In the end, Tilt23 isn't just our name. It's our promise to make the world a better, kinder, more equitable place. One where ALL humans can thrive.  

Cool line illustration of an earth with buildings, airplanes, etc


Founded in 2012, we've... (insert record scratch sfx). Okay, let's be honest, you're probably not super interested in a lengthy recounting of every twist and turn in our journey. What matters is how that journey has shaped us into the storytellers and filmmakers we are. So buckle up: 

We're a rag-tag team of fun-loving, purpose-driven, and kind people. We're life-long learners, hell-bent on leaving the world a better place. We're dedicated craftspeople who are obsessed with getting all of the little details right. We are also obsessed with finding the best food we can at every shoot location. We aren't afraid of hard work but we love wrap drinks. We take care of each other because it's the right thing to do – it also happens to be better for our clients and work. All of our tattoos and working-class aesthetic belies our professionalism. You can't judge these books by their covers. Mostly, we're humans, telling human stories, so that other humans can have a good life. 

Portrait of David Neidert

David leads all creative storytelling and serves the Tilt23 team as President. His nearly 20  years of experience include directing, shooting, and editing for Fortune 500 companies and national broadcasts alike. 

Co-founder | Lead Filmmaker

David Neidert

Portrait of Sarah King

Sarah is your senior producer and is intimately involved in every project. She has produced projects of all shapes and sizes from national spots to feature documentaries to branded content.

Senior Producer | Partner

Sarah King

Portrait of Kyle Fisher

Kyle is an accomplished cinematographer having worked for clients all over the globe. His in-depth knowledge of technology combined with his finely tuned visual style defines Tilt23 projects. 

Director of Photography | Partner

Kyle Fisher

Portrait of Hector Perez

Hector brings a calm, steady, and tirelessly creative presence to every project. His sensibilities are both refined and authentic leading to final edits that feel real and powerful at the same time. 

Lead Editor

Hector Perez

Portrait of Rachel Replogle

Rachel's energy is only second to their creativity. Their expertise in everything from social media trends to working with actors to organizing production not only makes for successful projects but fun ones too.

Assoc. Producer

Rachel Replogle



  • Why do you do "human, authentic storytelling"?
    In many ways, large portions of the marketing and social media world have lost their way. Our feeds are flooded with more content than ever and most of it is generic, recycled, and uninspiring. It might get some clicks but it doesn't move hearts. That's why human-focused real stories are making a comeback – in a big way. (Not that they ever left.)
  • Do you only use real people?
    We primarily use real people and focus on true stories. That said, sometimes we do hire actors for certain types of production needs.
  • What industries do you serve?
    The short answer is most. The long answer is that we serve clients that span healthcare, energy, tech, education, government, and non-profit. Regardless, all of our clients share in our values and are working to make the world a better place.
  • What kinds of content do you create?
    We create a wide variety of content including, branded content, short films, commercials, and social ads. This content is typically produced in a documentary or naturalistic style.
  • Do you specialize in a certain style or look?
    We specialize in a cinematic, documentary style that can be seen in most of our work. We prefer this style because it is the most compelling and authentic way to tell most stories.
  • Do you do social media advertising or campaigns?
    Yes, but only for the content that we create as part of our delivery phase. This helps us ensure that we can protect both the quality of the content and delivery.
  • Do you provide just editing or production services alone?
    It's our preference that we are responsible for the entire project from creative development to delivery, however on occasion we do offer single services to certain clients.
  • What is your approach to collaboration?
    Collaboration is key to all of our work. We see our clients as partners. At the same, we take our responsibility as expert storytellers seriously and consider this when advising clients.
  • How do you approach client feedback?
    We thrive on your feedback and build in at least 3 opportunities for formal approval of the approach we're taking. This allows you to give us critical insight all throughout the project. This is a partnership, so we want you to know you can give us honest reactions to what we're creating together.
  • Do you work with other marketing or ad agencies?
    Yes. We love to. At the end of the day, we will always work to do what is best for the client.
  • Do you travel for production?
    Yes, we do travel. Globally, locally and maybe one day intergalatically. 😜
  • How long do your typical projects take?
    We generally say that the sweet spot for a project timeline is somewhere between 60 and 90 days. Some projects can span a year and others can be a matter of a few weeks.
  • Do you use AI in any of your creation?
    We believe that storytelling and filmmaking is a human endeavor. While we use AI-powered tools to support and streamline our process, for ethical reasons we will not use AI to completely generate any work in its entirety or to create work that purports to be "real."
  • What kind of equipment etc do you use?
    We use all cinema cameras, lenses, lighting and professional audio gear. Our standard camera package include the Canon cinema line. At the end of the day, it's not really about the gear. We use the right tools that the job calls for.
  • How do you budget projects?
    Budgeting can be complex but it basically falls into two categories. There is a base fee for us to develop the story and creative approach. That is combined with the cost of production (time, people, locations, equipment, etc).


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