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If We Could Fix 1 Thing

I think if I could fix one thing in the world, I would just want it to be a more equitable world. I would.

If we're talking about the United States, I would like better access to health care. I think I would want everybody to assume the best about the other person. I think if you start with having every individual look at another individual and say like, I see you for who you are and I trust your experience and I trust that you're trying to do your best, I think that would fix a lot of problems. I think it would start there and then it would kind of go out from there. I think I'd take away money. No money. I would also agree money. If we could eliminate economic gain as like the core motivation of most things, we would all just be in a better place. I think if you just took it away, just level the playing field maybe. We had this one life and some people have to spend it in like just absolute hell and I think that's terrible. I think everyone deserves a fair chance at having a decent life.


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