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Start Small in Your Storytelling

You know that little door in Willy Wonka, they're like walking up down the hallway and like the hallway is shrinking and the doors at the end and they open it up and when they go through like the whole factory, the crazy world of Wonka is like revealed behind the door. That's how we approach storytelling. We believe that when you have a big giant majestic story to tell, that your best bet is to start small. It's to start with an intimate character story because that's how big stories are revealed. It's the ability for the audience to ego identify with this character moving through this journey and through that journey, we can give them access to what's happening in the bigger world. But often, too often, people will try to tell the story and kind of like everything in one moment, a big data dump of information. That's not how you change people's minds because story moves people's hearts and people's minds ultimately follow their hearts. And that's why we love honestly, like customer testimonials or customer profiles, where you're not just having the customer like preach about your product or your service. You're really telling the story of the customer. You're putting the customer first. You're letting the story of the human person impacted be the thing that leads the way. It's that tiny door that can give them access to all the other things. Yeah, did that one customer use every bit of your services? No, but they didn't need to because the one that they used made this giant impact on their life. People will find out all the other information when they look further after you've captured their heart. So got a big story to tell? Start small before you go big.


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