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The Hardest Part of Hector's Job

What do you think is the hardest part of what I do for a living? The hardest part of what Hector does for a living is editing, because I just don't like editing. I hate it. Editing in general is a slog. He obviously wouldn't say that that's the hardest part of his job. I don't love editing. I think it's difficult. I don't like editing. Sitting in a chair and really focusing on the work and cutting long interviews down, that's got to be tough. The most difficult part of Hector's job is probably the limitless potential of every single project. You can just keep working on something kind of forever. Although Hector never complains and welcomes the feedback, I'm sure sometimes it's exhausting to open up a video you've been working on and see all the notes left for changes. Feedback from clients for edit can be difficult, not because the clients done anything wrong, but because it's hard to sometimes put into words what it is that you're looking for.

So editing oftentimes runs into that. There's kind of an infinite level of upwards comparison that can happen in this field, and so I imagine that's probably the most difficult part of Hector's job. The hardest part I do for a living is going through all the footage and picking music when I edit. It's not like music or footage is bad. It's just really tedious sometimes, because it kind of takes a long time. I'm not going to get a little bored of that, but it's just kind of part of the process, so I don't really mind it.


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