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The Hardest Part of Ray's Job

What do you think is the hardest part of what you do for a living? Rachel just seems to me to be somebody who just kind of takes everything with ease anyway, so I don't know that I feel like they have anything that they would feel was maybe hard.

Probably trying to keep track of all the things that we throw their way, because there's a lot of different little things that oftentimes come up and get placed on their plate. When it comes to social media, just keeping up with all the trends, I think that sounds exhausting to me. It might not be hard for them.

The hardest part of what I do for a living is being on camera.

But Rachel's definitely got a lot of stuff that gets tossed on the plate. Rachel has a side wedding videography business, and so I know that is a lot in itself, and then also to just having to balance that with the work that they do for Tilt23. I'm sure that's just a lot to balance. I think the hardest part, what Rachel has to do, is edit this video and edit my part especially. I'm a little bit of the jack of all trades, and so I do a lot of sort of project hopping, and I am doing a little bit of everything. I'm doing grip work, so I help set up and tear down things. Editing, pre-production stuff, so planning. I think the editing is the hardest part. At the end of a day of editing, I am kind of a crazy person. I'm like, "Hi, how are you? What's going on?" My partner is like, "Have you not seen anyone today? Because it shows."


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