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The Hardest Part of Sarah's Job

What do you think is the hardest part of what I do for a living? The most difficult part of Sarah's job is probably managing all of the schedules. Keeping it all together, keeping it all moving. Keeping everything organized because she is dealing with anywhere from like five to 10 projects at a given time, depending on the time of year. Scheduling. Definitely time management and scheduling. I think there's a lot of different projects we work on that Sarah has to deal all at once. I mean, I kind of think about Sarah's jobs oftentimes is like constantly planning and constantly aligning schedules and making things that are set up and that people's needs are being met and that it's a lot of caretaking, it's a lot of customer service. She's managing schedules, she's answering emails, she's, you know, the main point of contact for all of those projects. And that's stuff that she thrives at, but it's probably pretty difficult to keep up. I would say just managing so many projects all the time. I'm, you know, trying to make sure we don't miss anything along the way. And that's not always an easy task. It's just the nature of the thing. I can't even imagine doing that job.


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