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What A Perfect Day Looks Like to Us

We're a video production company committed to telling better stories to build a better world. We're also interested in examining the stories we tell about each other, and about ourselves. What does a perfect day look like to us? We answer this question in this video.

Kyle: Perfect day from beginning to end, typically a Saturday.

David: I wake up, that's dumb. You don't, of course I wake up.

Sarah: So my perfect day would be a rainy day.

Hector: Getting coffee.

David: Excellent coffee and breakfast.

Ray: I would wake up with the love of my life.

Hector: Hanging out with my girlfriend, usually just playing video games all day.

Kyle: Go to the farmer's market. Go get brunch somewhere.

Sarah: I could just like lay in bed with my huge, soft comforter that smells like really good fabric softener.

Ray: We would sleep in and have like a, I call them crusty rat boy days.

David: I'm gonna go probably out on the water and spend a good portion of the morning on the water doing various water things. I don't know where this is happening, where I'm next to water.

Ray: You don't like shower.

Kyle: I'm watching TV, hang out with the dogs, relax a bit, spend the kind of early evening going to some breweries, go out for a nice dinner.

Ray: You're just your little grimy, lovely self and you like sit on the couch all day and you watch TV

Sarah: and watch true crime all day long. Maybe like have a little couple of naps in there and then like have pizza for dinner.

David: Have probably a cocktail.

Ray: A great low key, no responsibility day.

Sarah: Maybe play a board game or something in the evening. But then I probably would end the night with more true crime.

David: I'm gonna make a really great meal and then I'm gonna build a fire with my family and friends and we're gonna chill by the fire all night long.

Kyle: Chill on the patio till about 1 a.m.

Hector: That's pretty much it.


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