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What Compliment Does Sarah Hear

So what compliment do I hear the most for myself? Her compliment would be that she is very fun. And she is very fun to be around. She is fun. Sarah has really good hair. I think people tell her she's fun a lot. For Sarah, I think the compliment she probably hears the most is that she's funny. I feel like I've seen her have really interesting glasses. It's like a thing in my mind. Or she has a good laugh, actually.

Because she cracks me up with her laugh. I think she has a pretty funny laugh in a good way. She's sort of the life of the park, I would say. Probably the most frequent would probably be my laugh. That I have a very boisterous and infectious laugh. At times it's actually come back to bite me in the butt, though, because it is pretty loud. And it's oftentimes on camera.


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