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What Compliments Does David Hear?

- The compliment I get most. - Is probably his beard. - The compliment that David hears most is probably that he's a good listener. - I don't know, probably that he's intelligent. - He is very thoughtful, but I think he's a very curious person, so he's very interested in what you have to say. - He's always listening to clients, and always having an engaging conversation with them, really listening to them. - David and Kyle both have phenomenal, extraordinary beards. - Walking away from a conversation with David, you'll realize how curious of a person he is. - Oh, David is really into mixology, so I feel like he might get lots of compliments on drinks. - I think he really tries to understand the people that he's working with, and try to tell their story. - I think he immediately comes off as intelligent and very well-spoken. - These days, it's probably nice beard. I get a lot of nice beards. I wish I could grow that beard. I like my beard, I'm proud of my beard. I put a lot of effort into the beard, so I'm proud of that.


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