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What We Admire About David

We're a video production company committed to telling better stories to build a better world. We're also interested in examining the stories we tell about each other, and about ourselves. David is our Lead Filmmaker, President and Cofounder. In this piece our team expresses what we admire about David.

Sarah: My brother, David, I love your passion for just everything that you're into.

Kyle: He's like one of the most passionate storytellers I know.

Ray: This sounds weird, but I really admired David's attention to detail.

Kyle: His attention to detail is second to none.

Hector: I think David cares a lot about what he's doing and the impact that he's making on, I guess, the world, or also just like in our local community.

Sarah: Also too, I think you're just like one of the most fair people.

Ray: The commitment to quality and the commitment to doing like the right thing, even if it's not the fastest route, but it is the most thorough and it's the most powerful thing. And I really, really admire that about David.

Sarah: You remind me of how you were just as a little kid, like growing up with you. You just wanted to know as much as you could and like take it all in all the time. And you're still that way as an adult and I just think it's really cute.

Hector: Really values the work that he's doing and creating a team that cares. And I think that's very admirable.


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