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What We Admire About Hector

We're a video production company committed to telling better stories to build a better world. We're also interested in examining the stories we tell about each other, and about ourselves. Hector is our Lead Editor, he makes all our work look and sound spectacular in the post production phase. In this piece our team expresses what we admire about Hector.

Kyle: I think I'd most admire about Hector, he's just a kick-ass editor.

Ray: I think Hector is hilarious.

David: Hector, I actually admire Hector's just whole vibe of being still.

Sarah: I love your stillness. You have this quiet strength about you.

Ray: Hector may not make necessarily the biggest splash, but the little things that if you're paying attention, that Hector just slips into the conversation. If you're not paying attention, it goes, if you're there, it's just the funniest things ever.

Kyle: I'm still getting to know him personally, but professionally, yeah, he's a really solid editor and a hell of a colorist.

Ray: Hector is also just like talented.

Sarah: You seem to just, you know, enjoy what you do and you're just very helpful.

David: Not trying to draw attention to himself, I think he's legitimately trying to do good work. And to be kind of like just humble and quiet and still in a world that's pretty noisy is, I think, an admirable quality.


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