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What We Admire About Ray (Rachel)

We're a video production company committed to telling better stories to build a better world. We're also interested in examining the stories we tell about each other, and about ourselves. Rachel, who now goes by Ray (they/them) is our Associate Producer. They also manage our social media, and perform a wide range of tasks on the team. This is what we admire about Ray.

Hector: I think Rachel is super creative.

Sarah: They're very creative.

David: I love that Rachel is creative.

Kyle: They're also just incredibly creative.

Hector: Super funny.

Sarah: I think Rachel is so fun.

Kyle: I think what I admire most about Rachel is the vibes they bring to set.

Hector: A lot more quiet than I am. [this is a joke] Quite the opposite of me. They're a lot more outgoing.

Sarah: They bring so much energy into the room.

Kyle: Rachel's always kind of like just bringing up the energy, which is much needed on a set.

Sarah: They're kind of magical in a sense.

David: I love Rachel's authenticity. I love Rachel's bravery for being who they are.

Kyle: It's been super helpful having them on the team.

Hector: I admire them a lot.


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