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What We Admire About Sarah

- Sarah's really great with sort of shielding us from all the kind of behind the scenes, back and forth with clients and kind of letting us handle creatives. - Sarah kicks ass. She's pretty awesome. - The energy that Sarah brings to her room takes like stress away. Makes her room comfortable. - Just always making sure that everything is running smoothly. - I admire Sarah's grit.

Sarah does not stop. She doesn't give up. - Like in a professional setting, I feel like there's all these like high stakes and these like high standards. And I feel like when Sarah enters a room, all of that just like sort of washes away. And we're just like being real and we're being people. And I really, really like that about Sarah. She brings humanity to the room. - She's a fighter. And I think that that's probably the thing I admire most.


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