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What We're Obsessed With

We're a video production company committed to telling better stories to build a better world. We're also interested in examining the stories we tell about each other, and about ourselves. We all collectively enjoy the filmmaking process, however, we also have our individual interests. In this piece we explore some of the things we're each obsessed with.

David: My name's David and I'm from Anderson, Indiana.

Sarah: I am Sarah King and I'm from Anderson.

Ray: Rachel. I am from Muncie, Indiana.

Kyle: Kyle and I am from Clifton. I can take that back. I'm from Shabance, Illinois. Shabance is five miles from Clifton, so.

Hector: My name is Hector. I am from Minneapolis. I was born in Mexico, came here when I was like one years old, went to Washington State for a bit. Kind of obsessed with everything. Like, usually get like a new thing every week.

David: I am obsessed with getting obsessed with things.

Kyle: I have like a rotation of obsessions, but my constants are cooking, live music, and working out.

Ray: Cephalopods, squid, cuttlefish, and octopus. This is sort of embarrassing. I'm obsessed with all things true crime. I promise that like deep down in my heart, I'm not a serial killer.

David: If it's cocktails, I'm obsessed with making the perfect cocktail. If it's food, I'm obsessed with making the perfect like taco.

Ray: Pixar, animation studios.

Hector: Space, animals, like deep water stuff. - Walkable cities.

David: I'm also obsessed with bags.

Sarah: Elaborate?"

David [shakes head no]


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